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Keypie キユーピー Baby Christmas Costumes Workshop

Keypie キユーピー Baby Christmas Costumes Workshop

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In these advanced Kewpie Baby costume crochet workshops, we'll be working with lace crochet hooks and embroidery threads instead of yarns. The crafting is challenging as it is on a miniature scale (we do provide magnifying glass during the workshop) but the end product is always super adorable. Bring your own 5cm Kewpie baby to dress up as a Snowman or a Christmas tree or we can provide you one. 

LEVEL: Advanced (You must have strong crochet skills and done amigurumi before)

DURATION:  3 x 4-Hour Sessions

CLASS SIZE: 1 - 2 pax


  • 5cm Japanese Kewpie Baby Doll (Standing Pose)
  • Material: Embroidery Thread and/or Plastic Eyes


    • Your own 1.75mm Japanese lace crochet hook 
    • Alternatively you can pre-order it from us at $11 (While stocks last)


      • Materials you need to crochet miniature Kewpie Baby outfits
      • How to hold your lace crochet hook and embroidery thread
      • The Japanese pattern for your chosen Kewpie Baby Christmas costume (5cm)
      • How to read Japanese crochet patterns 
      • Various crochet stitches used in costume making
      • How to count and keep track of your stitches
      • Crocheting miniature parts 
      • Techniques for a better shape for your crochet costume
      • Fastening and weaving of yarn tails
      • Embroidering cute details to your outfit 
      • Adding plastic eyes (if applicable)
      • All tools and materials are provided/on loan except for the crochet hook which you need for your homework after each session
      • Pattern and stitch refresher videos will be given after each session
      • Note: A fee of $10 per hour will apply if you need more guidance beyond the stipulated sessions

      For more information or to book a workshop, WhatsApp us at +65 96310475 (Jasmine) today.