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Workshop Etiquette

Everyone comes to a craft workshop excited. Most of us are looking forward to experience the meditative therapy of working with your hands, to learn new skills or simply go home satisfied and fulfilled with a handmade item. It might be your first time attending a craft workshop, or one with Applelulu Crafts. So we'll like to share the workshop etiquette that we hope our crafters to have in order to foster an enjoyable experience for yourself and everyone present in the workshop. 

  1. Please arrive punctually 5 minutes before the workshop so that we can start and end the workshop for everyone on time. 

  2. Please keep your mobile phones away unless you have urgent messages or calls to take. Keep it at least on silent mode and don't let it disrupt the on-going teaching and your creative tasks. 

  3. Please keep your volume down and focus on the various tasks at hand. Incessant chatting and noise disturbs others. 

  4. Be mindful of the workshop duration and your own crafting pace. A craft session is most enjoyable when it starts and ends on time. Others might have activities scheduled after the workshop and not want to be held up. Follow our guide on the time you should spend on each task. 

  5. We attend a workshop to learn from the perspectives and experiences of another. Nevertheless, you might still prefer your own methods, tools or opinions. While an exchange of ideas is always welcomed, please be respectful and use them on your own personal projects at home. 

  6. A workshop is for you to learn from trying, experiencing, making and correcting mistakes in an aided and guided environment. It is unrealistic to expect a perfect, handmade item on your first attempt. Don't hold back the class with your personal, perfectionistic streak. 

  7. Keep your working space neat and organised. Personal tools are to be kept close to you while shared tools are meant for sharing.