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Crochet Workshop FAQs

1. Where can I find your workshop schedule? 

We don’t have a fixed schedule as we conduct workshops only upon request. You can join an existing workshop (See our Events Calendar) or we can set up a new class for you at your preferred time slots. Workshops will proceed with 1 participant and will only have a max of 3 students per session. Book a workshop with us today via WhatsApp +65 96310475 (Jasmine). 

Our home studio is open from Tue to Fri, 9am - 6pm. Each session is only 4 hours. It can be arranged from 9am - 1pm or 2pm - 6pm. Registration closes 7 working days before the workshop date so that we can prepare your materials.  

2. Where is the workshop held at?

We're a home-based craft studio and we reside along Edgedale Plains, Punggol. It can be accessed easily by private and public transport. The exact address is given once you confirm the workshop registration with payment. It is cosy, air-conditioned with light music for your crafting enjoyment. Everything is provided for unless you prefer and wish to bring your own crafting tools. You have access to drinking water, washroom, our fridge and microwave. 

We do have two tiny, friendly Shihtzu dogs at home. If you're afraid of dogs or can't be near dogs (Muslim students), let us know in advance and we can fence them away from the workshop area. We will also take photos of the workshop, participants and final finished projects for marketing and archival purposes. We'll send them to you after the workshop for your keepsake too. Should you prefer privacy and your face to not be in the photos (only backview and project shots), we respect that so please inform us before the workshop

3. Where can I find your available projects and fees for workshops?

You can look through our entire list of crochet workshops on our website and filter the selection by project level and type (E.g. beginner, pouch). Or you can just chat with us on WhatsApp at +65 96310475 for project recommendations suitable for your crafting level. Fees are determined by design choice, materials and workshop sessions required, as per on our website. You will also get the crochet pattern and additional crochet video resources for your own use after the workshop. You only need to get your own crochet hook or you can also pre-order it from us. 

4. How do I know what level of projects am I suitable for?

We have categorised our crochet projects broadly into 5 levels. 

  • Beginner: You will like to pick up crochet as a hobby. At this stage, you need time, practice and perseverance to hone your psychomotor skills. 

  • Intermediate: Cute details and more complicated patterns await in these crochet projects. For the beginner, you will need more sessions to complete these projects. 

  • Advanced: These kawaii projects pose an even more interesting challenge for the crocheter. Now we work on shaping, complex patterns, miniature crochet and more.

5. Where can I choose the materials for my project?

For crochet workshops, you will make the exact same crochet amigurumi doll or project on our website. For some projects, you can choose the colour of your yarn. In our workshops, we use standard 4-ply acrylic yarn, embroidery and sewing threads, polyester fibrefill, acrylic paint and more, whenever applicable. 

6. Can I bring my own materials?

Unfortunately, no. All workshop materials are specially curated, tested and prepared in advance to suit the project and save time in our workshops. After you have learnt the project, you can definitely make it again at home with your own favourite materials.

7. Can I customise the design of my project and to what extent?

Extensive drafting and testing of the pattern is required for each workshop to ensure a pleasant experience and end product. Any major changes involving sizes or even design features of our projects would not be possible without prior, careful testing. We will keep in mind your valuable feedback and request, and try to include them in future workshops. In the meantime, we sincerely hope that you enjoy the workshops and patterns that we have spent a lot of time and effort in creating.

8. I have something that I always want to learn. Can you teach me how to do it?

Basically we teach craft projects that we worked on or designed, are passionate about and most importantly put in effort to practise. Firstly, we might not be an expert in that area yet. Secondly, too much customisation will also make it hard to create a workshop module that can be replicated and benefit other crafters. We seek your understanding on this. Nevertheless let us know your wish list and we will keep them in mind for our future projects.

9. Can I bring my partner, a friend or my kids to the workshop?

You can bring a friend or partner only if they are also registered participants of the workshop. However, if they are just here to accompany you, that is not allowed. Being a home studio, we have limited space. We seek your kind understanding to make separate arrangements for them so that you too can be free to enjoy the workshop.

Our workshops are also more suited for independent, adult learning than for children. They are welcomed to join us if they demonstrate an interest for crafts and are comfortable with long, seated sessions of quiet focus and concentration. 

10. I want to sign up for a workshop. What do I do next?

If you’re keen to sign up, please register with us via WhatsApp +65 96310475, and not via our website. Prior to any form of payment, you need to first select and secure your workshop date, materials and more. We do not have these selection functions on our website yet so we ask for your understanding on this. Please refer to our website for information seeking only. Payment via PayLah and PayNow is also preferred to keep our transaction and workshop costs low. 

However, if you have already excitedly signed up and make payment for a workshop on our website via credit card or PayPal payment--don't worry. We'll get in touch with you via WhatsApp in 1 - 3 working days to:

  • Select the next available date and time for your workshop (New or existing session)
  • Choose your yarn colour, materials or more (Whatever is applicable for the project)
  • Process additional charges if you request for additional items in your workshop e.g. pre-order a crochet hook

11. Can I postpone, cancel or refund my workshop after I registered for it? 

Once payment is made for a workshop, it is not refundable, exchangeable or transferable. It will be your responsibility to check your own schedule and ensure you are free to attend the workshop on the specified date. A lot of planning and coordination goes into setting up a workshop so we strongly discourage students to reschedule or postpone their classes. We would have also turned away other keen crafters when we accepted your workshop registration. If you still have to reschedule or postpone your classes for any personal, family, work, school or other matters, please note the following penalty fees that you will incur:

  • 30 days or more before class date: one-time free rescheduling of class
  • 15 - 29 days before class date/2nd rescheduling of 30 days or more before class date: 30% of workshop fee
  • 8 - 14 days before class date: 50% of workshop fee
  • 0 - 7 days before class date: 100% of workshop fee
  • No show on day of workshop: Workshop fee is fully forfeited

We will only provide a make up class at no charge for the following unforeseen circumstances:

  • If we have to postpone classes due to any change in the circuit breaker measures
  • If you’re not well and produce a valid medical certificate
  • If you’ve been exposed to the Covid-19 virus and produce valid Health Risk Warnings, Trace Together records or ART/PCR Covid-19 test results 
  • If you have to deal with a sudden family or medical emergency or crisis; and produce valid proof of it (subjected to our approval)

12. Can I change my mind about the project, design and materials I have chosen?

Designs, colours and materials cannot be changed once selected, paid for and prepared. 

13. What if I am late for the workshop? 

We will start on time so please arrive punctually 5 minutes before the workshop to check in and settle down. Please be punctual for your workshop as there might be another workshop after your session—in which we won’t be able to extend the session, should you not be able to finish in time. 

14. What if I cannot complete the project in the given duration?

If you overrun the given duration expected of the crafting level for your workshop, additional hourly charges will apply. You can choose to complete the project at home on your own, or extend the workshop duration with applicable hourly charges (also depending on our availability). As much as possible, we hope to avoid imposing additional charges and complete the whole project with you. Therefore, we ask that you better manage your time and pace in the workshop. Students new to Applelulu Crafts might need some time to adjust to our workshops, so you'll enjoy an additional 30 minute grace period in your first workshop. We are very understanding folks! :) 

15. If my workshop has a meal break, where can I get food?

Usually workshops that are of 6 hours or longer will have a 30-min break. We usually order food delivery as a class and share the delivery costs. You can bring your own food too if you have dietary concerns or needs. We have a fridge and a microwave for your use, if necessary. 

If you have more questions or will like to chat in detail with us, please drop us a WhatsApp message at +6596310475 (Jasmine).