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Covid-19 Advisory

The global Covid-19 outbreak is unprecedented and has made many things uncertain and ever-changing for all of us in our personal, work and social lives. Many small businesses like Applelulu Crafts are also adapting and evolving with the changes in safety measures and business requirements. We ask for your kind understanding as we all adjust accordingly and ride this period out together. In the case of any change in safety measures, we also ask for your kind understanding in the event of any sudden workshop cancellation, rescheduling or change in class arrangements.

Safety Measures In Our Workshops (Updated 1 July 2020)

We take everyone's safety seriously. Please take note of the following safety measures in effect in our workshops:

  • Max class size of 3 (Teaching group size of less than 5)
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory throughout the workshop (Except during drinking and eating during breaks)
  • Check in and out with SafeEntry
  • Temperature taking upon arrival (Must be less than 37.5C)
  • Sanitise or wash your hands before class 
  • Keep to your own bag rack, machine, materials, basic set of craft tools and working corner to minimise contact and maximise distance
  • Common tools and areas will be sanitised frequently
  • Studio will be wiped down after each session
  • Intermission of at least an hour between each workshop (Arrive punctually only 5 min before class)
  • During the workshop, be considerate and keep a friendly distance from one another

We ask that you also take personal responsibility to only come for class if

  • You’re well
  • Have not travelled overseas 14 days before your workshop
  • Not living or in contact with anyone on stay home notice 14 days before your workshop
  • Not living or in contact with anyone on leave of absence 14 days before your workshop
  • Not living or in contact with anyone on quarantine 14 days before your workshop

If you’re unable to attend due to any of the above reason(s), just inform us beforehand and we’ll schedule a make up class for you. 

What if my workshop is postponed due to a change in safety measures?

If it is a minor change in safety measures e.g. reduction in approved class size, we will rearrange for you to join another existing or new class date of the same project. However, if it is an enforced, longer period of circuit breaker e.g. 1 - 2 months suspension of all business activities, we will provide you 3 options:

  • Option 1: Video Tutorial
    We will mail the materials to you and create a video tutorial for you to craft in the comfort of your home. For this option, you must have your own sewing machine and necessary tools for the project. We also ask for your patience for us to film, edit and provide you the video tutorial in place of your workshop. 
  • Option 2: Video Tutorial + Google Meet Online Workshop Session
    Similar to Option 1 above. In addition, we will arrange with you an online workshop session so that we can guide you step by step as closely as possible like in our physical workshops. 
  • Option 3: Makeup Workshop
    Upon resumption of business activities based on the approval of local authorities, we will contact you to arrange for a makeup workshop in our home studio. We also ask for your patience as it might be a few weeks to a few months wait depending on the outbreak situation. 

Can I choose to cancel the workshop and ask for a full refund instead?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Upon registration for a workshop, we'll have set aside and prepared your craft materials. This is a cost incurred and will not be refundable. In addition, we are also providing you the above 3 workshop replacement options at no cost to you (but at additional costs to us). So we ask for your kind understanding on this matter. 

For more information or queries, you can WhatsApp us at +65 96310475 or email us at today.